Get Dolled Up Boutique - Never got product or response and no phone number

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DO NOT PLACE AN ONLINE ORDER FROM GETDOLLEDUPBOUTIQUE.COM!!Did a Google search for a monogrammed item.

I foolishly did NOT check out the company ahead of time and the website seemed decent so I placed an order for Christmas. As I was placing it there did not seem to be a lot of safeguards/verification to make sure your monogram was correct (yet the website states if there is a mistake they are not responsible). My card was charged the same day (reputable businesses will not charge until the item ships) and I waited. One place on the site says 7-10 business days, another says 4-6 weeks!

That's quite a difference when you are expecting a gift in time for Christmas! (Now they are saying to add $25 for rush if you want it sooner- don't do it!) After a couple weeks, I went on their website to do an order inquiry which was generic and listed the status as "shipped", yet didn't have a date or a shipper (UPS, FedEx etc). They state that if you want further info, you can email them, and "you will get a response within 24 hrs". Flat-out lie.

After not getting an email response, I combed the website for a phone number--none found. After Christmas came and went and I had to tell my 8 yr old niece that her original gift never came, I checked the internet to see what was out there for this company. Better Business Bureau has given it an "F" rating!!

I am in the process of trying to reverse the charge with my bank but am not sure if that will work.Complete rip-off!!

Review about: Embroidered Slippers.

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